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Celeste Viv Ly
b. Coast Salish land (Seattle, WA, United States)
London & NYC

MA Contemporary Art Practice, Critical Practice (Distinction on Dissertation), Royal College of Art, London, UK 
BA (Hons) Fine Art (First Class Honours), Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK

Grants & Awards
2024   Fellowship Awarded, Season III Residency Partial Fellowship, NARS Foundation, New York, NY, US
                       x Creative Computing Institute (CCI)
              Grant Awarded, GB Sasakawa Foundation, as part of RCA Liminal Bodies Research Group
              Scholarship Awarded, Art & Curatorial Practice Programme, The New Centre for Research & Practice
2022   Dissertation Distinction Recipient, Board of Academic Concessions and Discipline, Royal College of Art
              Grant Awarded, Continuation Fund, Royal College of Art
              Grant Awarded, Back on Track Fund, Royal College of Art
2019    Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize | Poetry |  'complicity_12.3.9.exe'
2018    Scholarship Awarded, Visual and Critical Studies, School of Visual Arts New York City

Solo Exhibitions & Projects
2021    -321 °F | in sarcophago vivum aeriInfo, St James Hatcham, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK 

Selected Exhibitions, Film Screenings  &  Performances  /  Forthcoming

2024   NARS Foundation Season III Residency Open Studio, Curated by Dylan Kim
              NARS Foundation, New York, NY, US  (Forthcoming) 

              Linked Out: Logged In, Curated by Nina Wong, Gossamer FogEnclave Projects, London, UK (Collab)
              Posthuman Topologies | Intelligence Unbound | 0Ocean Collective, Curated by Sepideh Majidi 
                       New Art CityForeign ObjektPosthuman Art Network, Berkeley, CA, US x Digital (Group)
              Operation RHo1: Film Screening, Organised by Operation Theatre Purplebl0od Lab, System Shanghai 
2023   Ground Zero, Co-Program 2023, Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, Japan | Supported by 
                       Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation & Kuma Foundation, and Cooperation by
                       Tokyo University of the Arts | Panel Talk with Haruka Iharada, Guest Talks by Taro Igarashi
                       Lucia PietroiustriSusan Schuppli          
             Intelligence Unbound | 0Ocean Collective, Curated by Sepideh Majidi New Art CityForeign Objekt
                       Posthuman Art Network, San Francisco, CA, US x Digital (Group)
             Sound Laboratory & 0Ocean Collective, Curated by Sepideh Majidi New Art CityForeign Objekt
                       Posthuman Art Network, San Francisco, CA, US x Digital (Group)
                  RCA2023 MA Degree Show, Truman Brewery, London, UK (Group)
                  RCA2023 Online Show, Info, Digital | Featured in Curatorial Collections 
                       'Paranoid Androids' & "In Between' (Group)                  
                  Subterranean Organ, Curated by Daisy Wang & Celeste Viv Ly, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK (Group)  
                  Recombinator: Film Screening & Audiovisual Sets, Staffordshire St, London, UK (Duo, Collaboration)  
                  Beyond Surface // Tactile Presence: Film Screening, Tate Lates, Tate Modern, London, UK
                  Beyond Surface: Live, Montez Press Radio, London, UK
                  O7 | A Gesture ?¿, Curated by the Æon Project, AMP Gallery, London, UK
                  "     " Quote Unquote, InfoCurated by Uchercie & A Phantom City, Ugly Duck, London, UK (Group)
                  Riposte 17th February, Curated by Ola HincapieRiposte London, Electrowerkz, London, UK (Group)
2022   Interassemblages ⎏ Nodal Relay, Curated by the Æon ProjectACUD Galerie
                       ACUD Matcht Neu, Berlin, Germany (Group)
                   Prelude to Space {info}, Curated by Anastasia Chugunova, Jiayu Sun, Yue-Ning Lee & Yiwen Li,
                       147 Stoke Newington High Street, London, UK (Group)
                  Hybrid Realities | RCA Contemporary Art Practice・Silicon ValetOffsite Project
                       Moving Image ArtistsMontez Press Radio | Royal College of Art, London, UK (Group)
                  CAP Salon, Curated by Gaby Jonna, Tony Jacobs & Yuetong YangDyson Gallery, London, UK (Group)
                  Royal College of Art Work in Progress Show 2022, London, UK
2021    tête-à-tête: Film Screening | Glasgow School of ArtRoyal College of Art | Stereo, Glasgow, UK
                  Goldsmiths Fine Art Studio Interim Show with HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg ASA Exchange  
                       Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK (Group)
2020   Goldsmiths Fine Art Studio Interim ShowGoldsmiths, University of London, London, UK (Group)
                   13festivalen 2020: Performance | Konstepidemin | Hus 8, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden  
                    Schlachtlaus, Tübingen, Germany
                  Mexico City, Art Number 23, Ovalo Galeria de Arte, CDMX, Mexico (Group)
                  13th June, Safehouse, London, UK (Group)
                  Exchange, Co-curated by UAL x GOLD Collective, Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society and 
                       Curation Society UAL, Deptford Does Art gallery, London, UK (Group)
                  Goldsmiths Fine Art Studio Interim Show with HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg ASA Exchange 
                       Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK (Group)
2018    End of Year, St. James, New Cross, London, UK (Group)
                   Sound and Language, Library Special Collections & Archives, 
                       Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK (Group)

2022   Mutinous Bodies and Speculative Mythopoesis (Awarded with Distinction on Masters Dissertation)
2021    Art in Dialogue with Posthuman Becoming and Fictioning

2023   ____ in Flux, Curatorial Advisory, RuptureXIBIT, London, UK
                  Subterranean Organ {info}Co-Curation, The Crypt GalleryLondon, UK
                  O7 | A Gesture ?¿, Co-Curation, AMP Gallery, London, UK
              "     " Quote Unquote, Curatorial Advisory, Ugly Duck, London, UK
              Ground Zero, Co-Program 2023, Curatorial Advisory, Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, Japan
2022   Interassemblages ⎏ Nodal RelayCo-Curation, ACUD Galerie, ACUD Matcht Neu, Berlin, Germany 

Professional Experience | Public Talks
2023    Artist Talk with Guest Lecturer Susan Schuppli | Ground Zero, Co-Program 2023, 
                       Kyoto Art Centre {link}, Kyoto, Japan 
               Artist Talk with Guest Lecturer Lucia Pietroiustri | Ground Zero, Co-Program 2023, 
                       Kyoto Art Centre {link}, Kyoto, Japan 
               Opening Artist Talk with Guest Curator Haruka Iharada | Ground Zero, Co-Program 2023, 
                       Kyoto Art Centre {link}, Kyoto, Japan 
               Posthuman Research Sound Laboratory Panel Talk | New Art CityForeign Objekt
                       Posthuman Art Network {info, link}, San Francisco, US x Digital 
2023    Artist Talk at University of Westminster | BA Fine Art Mixed Media, London, UK
                   Visiting Lecturer at University of Westminster | BA Fine Art Mixed Media, London, UK
2022-  Co-founder, Æon Project 
2019     Exhibition Production for Song Dong's solo show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams', Pace Gallery London, UK 
2024    Season III Residency {info}, NARS Foundation, New York, NY, US
2023    Co-Program 2023 | Supported by  Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation 
                       Kuma Foundation, and Cooperation by Tokyo University of the Arts | 
                       Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, Japan | Nov - Dec
               Posthuman Research Sound Laboratory | New Art CityForeign ObjektPosthuman Art 
                       Network {info} | TheSpace.GalleryROSALUX Gallery, Berlin, DE x Digital | Mar - Sep

Collaborative Projects   
2023-  Music Composition for the game 'Bug Mod' by George M. Kuhn and Song Xin,  
               — Screening and Gameplay at 'Digital Daydream', Curated by Nina Wong, ArtSect Gallery, London, UK
2022-   'Vortex' site-specific performance, film and research project with Templex Inc. (Bea Xu & Co.)
               — Screening at Viddy Horrowshow (VHS), Curated by Nina Davies
                   Tracy Ain't Coming Out (TACO!), London, UK, April 2024              
               — Screening and Performance Lecture at Performance Programme 'I Thought of Going for a Walk', 
                   Mandy Zhang ArtSeptember 2023
               — Screening and Performance at 'Fluid Cosmologies', Forma Arts & Media, London, UK, August 2023
               — Screening and Performance at LungA Festival, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, 
                   as part of the Long Distance Residency at Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), July 2023
               — Premiere at Performance Programme 'Faerie Rampage', Curated by Yicong Soon
                   Milan Art Week 2023, Milan, Italy, April 2023
               (ongoing) 'Babel' open source architectural initiative with Yvonne Wang, Sylvia Deng & Mori Zhou,
               Architectural Association & Parsons | The New School, London, UK & New York, US
2024   Artisle | ‘in sarcophago vivum aeri’ Review — On Diasporic Lifeworld and Cryopolitics
              Art Monthly | No. 475 | 'Linked Out: Logged In at Enclave Projects' Review by Jamie Sutcliffe
              MOUart | 42°03'28.9"N 138°12'25.0"E by Celeste Viv Ly
              MOUart | Proto-Proxy by Celeste Viv Ly
              ArtisleSYSTEM: Operation RHo1 | Proto-Proxy 
              Artribune | Issue No. 76 | 'Subterranean Organ' The Crypt Gallery curated by Daisy Wang & Celeste Viv Ly
              from critics and curators with comments | 42°03'28.9"N 138°12'25.0"E
              Artscape | 'Ground Zero' Review by Taro Igarashi | 42°03'28.9"N 138°12'25.0"E
              Nissha Foundation & AMeeT | 'Ground Zero' at Kyoto Art Center | 42°03'28.9"N 138°12'25.0"E
              Clot Magazine‘Insight: Neo China creates London, apolitical poetics of Chinese nomadic artists’ 
                       by Piotr Bockowski | “   “Quote Unquote  |  'in sarcophago vivum aeri'
              Clot Magazine‘On deep ecology of Chinese femborgs’ by Piotr Bockowski | 'in sarcophago vivum aeri'
              Saliva Live“   “Quote Unquote 
                       Subterranean Organ
              Widewalls | Subterranean Organ
2021    ArtisleGoldsmiths Fine Art Degree Show  |  '-321 °F | in sarcophago vivum aeri'
2020   De Bouwput | The Art We Need Today | 'When vulnerability is the only weapon you wield'
                       Performance | on 'in vitro [ _ ] |{ _____ }', art practice, computational art & performance
                       | Poetry 'complicity_12.3.9.exe'

2023   Staffordshire St & Liquid Gold Studios | Glimpse | Beyond Surface // Tactile Presence
2022   Hybrid Realities  |  Pliable Tools | Poems 'Thesis of Instrumentality' 'Snow Angel' 'Dark Amusement'
2021    Sticky Fingers PublishingFDBNHLLLTTF Nocturnal | Poems 'Senecio candicans' 'Sepire'
2020  Abby Lloyd & Alyssa Davis GalleryChapter 5: "Behind the Times" [I, II], organised by 
                       Underground Flower and Rhizome Parking Garage | Poetry 'Thesis of Instrumentality'
2019    Lungs Project | Poetry Anthology 'New Landscapes'  2019 | 'of  Traversing Interspaces' 
                       '∷' 'complicity_12.3.9.exe' '{Singular Deference}' '1, 2, 3, 4 En pointe et pirouette'
               Pressing Matters | Poetry 'Spindrift' 
               Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize Winners' Anthology 2019 | Poetry 'complicity_12.3.9.exe'
               Tangle Magazine | Issue 1 | Poetry 'Spindrift'