Pt. I
Polyester resin, acrylic, plaster, acrylic glass, transducer speakers 
204cm * 90cm * 0.8cm, 
30cm * 16cm * 3cm for each resin structure  
Audio Duration 18’ 15’’
June 2019 
Installation view at Goldsmiths, University of London 2019
and Exchange Exhibition curated by UAL x Gold Collective, Deptford Does Art Gallery, London 2019
The series of resin structures is the concretisation of the insulated vacuum / sealed air between the inner and outer panes of airplane windows, taking and making perpetual the facets of the permeated, congealed nocturnal skies across timezones at an altitude not ordinarily attained as inverted and encased within the materialised spaces. Inside the airplane cabin is where we exist culturally and geographically everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is a physical manifestation of possessing no roots capable of binding oneself to any cultural grounding ― a solidified, suspended state of being in the middle. The ‘spaces’ tilted out of the frames constitute the four-movement form in a symphony of space against the backdrop of condensed white noise / pressurised air in an airplane cabin. The voids are the interval time immersed in the undertones (Prussian blue, phthalocyanine blue, ultramarine, and light turquoise, etc.), a compendium of skies at different longitudes.
As one of the collections meditating on momentary gaps in spacetime, the sound sculpture / audiovisual piece presents a study of the phenomena and connotations of liminal interspaces and non-places ― in this case, the voids within multi-paned plane windows and the airplane cabin itself, evoked by the translucent acrylic glass on which the resin structures are fixed ― the sempiternity of life as a one way long-haul flight consisting of all things single-serving and serialised, and the contingencies of the embodied state of the in-between in peripatetic contexts.
Pt. II

1 3 8 . 6 8 . 7 2 . 1 5
1 0 3 . 7 5 . 1 1 7 . 1 4 9
Silicone, acrylic, plaster, acrylic glass, laser print on transparency, cotton, silk, digital print on fabric
Dimensions variable 
October 2019