Toska, Sclera, and Iris
Moving image installation
Single-channel video, duration 6’10’’
February 2019 

Dimensions Variable 
 Video projection, wall mounted adjustable mirror  

‘Toska, Sclera, and Iris’ is a moving image installation that uses specular reflection to convey a syzygy of the act of seeing and being seen, irises, and celestial objects. Informed by oculesics (the study of eye movement, eye behaviour, gaze, and eye-related nonverbal communication in the fields of medicine or social science), the medical gaze, and mental status exams that analyse eye behaviour in psychiatry and clinical psychology, the work consists of the VCR footage of Lasik corrective surgery and an adjustable wall mounted mirror which enhances tiny variegations in the iris and pupil of the eye and their celestial counterparts, against a bleak sonic backdrop. As the viewer comes close to inspect the work, they can see a second eye echoed and reflected from the mirror looking back at them. The work becomes an empathy test for the viewer; in the same way the viewer observe the work, they are also observed, re-entering the field of power and the power dynamics between the doctor and the patient, forming with the projected screen and the mirror a trinity of perceiving and being perceived.
i n s t a l l a t i o n   d i s p l a y
V i d e o   S t i l l s