- 3 2 1  °F  |  i n   s a r c o p h a g o   
v i v u m   a e r i
T o r q u e ,  P a r t  I & II
IBC 1000 K 150.50-UN
IBC 1000 K 150.50-UN
Shipping route for water stored in an IBC container to London, UK, 2020 (ongoing)

(part of the body of work and installation -321 °F | in sarcophago vivum aeri)


Torque, Part I
May 2021
Documentation of an action spanning 6 hours
Single-channel video
21 minutes, looped

Torque, Part II
May 2021
L15.4*W11.3 CM
film, giclee print
photographic documentation in collaboration with Leah L.