p r o t o - p r o x y 


p r o t o - p r o x y, installation view, The Truman Brewery (T1-S07), July 2023

p r o t o - p r o x y :: I (excerpt), 2023 (password upon request)
p r o t o - p r o x y
Multimedia Installation
Ballistic gelatine, synthetic DNA, computer server racks, silicone, polyurethane, thermoplastic, LED, liquid crystal display, tin, zinc, antimony, mild steel, stainless steel, microcrystalline wax, glass wax, water, fog, engraved acrylic mirror, spinal anatomic model, SSD hard drive, e-waste

P r o t o - p r o x y  is an ongoing multimedia thought experiment + international dna biotech startup that render mythologisation of actions, speech acts and unravelling of intricate networks of systems within worlding, exploring the body, fluidity, artefacts and its residual effects as hyperobjects.
Material-semiotically traversing the synthesised contexts of a time-based physical installation, pseudo startup promo videos, computer server rooms, concept store scenagraphy, booths at trade shows/business expos, biotech startups, and the performance of a business pitch, it instrumentalises hyperstitional engineering, mythotechnesis, modus operandi in entrepreneurial biotech startups and performativity to approach biological-synthetic continuum, and reality as a discursive construct continually reenacted through speech acts.
Italicising and examining accelerationist motives and moral complexities of instrumentalisation, it incubates speculative futures in which meta-ironic, contentious methodologies are embodied and enacted to generate pertinent questions about the surreal current era and to move energy and matter through time.

p r o t o - p r o x y, floor plan, The Truman Brewery (T1-S07), July 2023


p r o t o - p r o x y - Iteration II, installation view, The Truman Brewery (T1-S07), July 2023

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