O7  |  a  g e s t u r e ? ¿
M M X X I I I 

O7  |  a gesture?¿, AMP Gallery, London, UK, 2023
Opening 30 March 2023  6-9pm
31 March - 1 April 2023
AMP Gallery, 1 Acorn Parade, London, UK

The curatorial project takes its title from the military salute emoticon (often spammed on streaming platform chat logs), whose breadcrumbs could be traced back to the early 2000s and have since escalated in the post-2020 hybrid digital era. 
In unpacking the leitmotifs of negotiation, complicity, and the political, ethical and aesthetic intricacies of ‘meeting each other halfway’, the artists in this exhibition programme reframe conceptual and aesthetic languages as approaches in exploring how material and immaterial negotiation and compromise are featured multidimensionally across different magnitudes. 
While art practices are conditioned by negotiation with ideas and materials at hand, inductions laid in the foundation of practices stemmed from art educational backgrounds, and the structures of art ecosystems at large, negotiation in the exhibition is further extrapolated to the relation(s) between the conceptual structures and tropes of culture <-> nature <-> technology <-> identity <-> spatiopolitics <-> culture in a circular Markov chain where they are infinitely interlinked. 
By developing this exhibition and event programme, we aim to raise open-ended questions regarding the positionalities of ourselves and fellow practitioners navigating and orienting in an abstract tango with the multitudinal structures in place through a tentative portrayal. If revolting against particular systems through the means of disobedient forms is or is perceived to be irrevocably complicit with the structure itself, where and what could the gestures of transgression and subversion of said systems lead to? What new narratives and alternatives could generate from such circumstances? 
In the exploration of these questions, we present this programme as a ﻮєรՇยгє, a ‘salutation’ to the structures bearing us and the structures we may find ourselves inadvertently part of. 

Wenxuan Chen @wenxuanart
Luke Felstead @felsteadl
Jean-François Krebs @jf.krebs
Yu Li @liiiiiiiyuu_
Celeste Viv Ly @virtio.djvu
Lewis Martin @_lewismartin_
Performance Artists:
Dabin Kim @olaloinkim
Fanni Somogyi @somogyifan
DJ & Live Set:
Chaney Manshu Diao @chaney_dms

Curated & Organised by 
Æon Project

Exhibition Text by Celeste Viv Ly

© Vyvyan y. L. | 2022