I n t r a - g r a f t

Nov 2021 (ongoing)

Dimensions variable
Transfusion tubing, Rioja Crianza, Reserve Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, tubing connectors, steel tray 

Fluids and different types of wine are infused into each other via transfusion tubes in ‘intra-graft’. Referencing allogeneic bone grafting, material syntaxes and signification of transubstantiation, biological circuitry, prosthesis, and transfusion of body fluids, the work aims to investigate the subtleties of violence, the exchange between fluids, bodies (rigid or amorphous) and chemicals, and its implications in contexts of intercorporeality and the relation between the self, the other and beyond inherent within those visceral, disembodied actions. 
Grafting is projected as a process that involves synergy and the confrontation between different agents. A process that questions what is considered the subject before and after. In this case, the strands of blood signified by the different types of wine are metaphorically incompatible and therefore unsafe if it were to be infused back to a living organism, and many types of infections could be spread by the transfer of blood. Through making a sculptural assemblage that unfolds continually through time due to the ever changing nature of the materials involved, the work inscribes a process that potentialises a dormant and yet perhaps dangerous system.

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