in vitro [ _ ] |{ _____ }  Pt. I
Performance, Moving image projection
Duration variable
Jan 2020

Performed at Hus 8, Konstepidemin on 4 January 2020 as part 
of 13festivalen 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Featuring sound by Lennart Wolter
Photos by Peter Rosvik

in vitro [ _ ] |{ _____ } is a research project that takes on the form of a performance, exploring the beauty and tension of interspecies relation and negotiation of the performative human/nonhuman body in a networked relation, considering the notion of the 'umwelt' and the milieu as an assemblage instead of a closed system. In a dark subterranean space, a performer ritualistically changes the water for a jellyfish by moving it using a small fishbowl among water of slightly varying salinities in a row of seven small acrylic tanks (as SFX prop jellyfish are used, no life forms were harmed during the performance). During certain intervals succumbing to entanglement and destruction, organic derivatives slowly take its place, evoking different stages and problematics of biomaterial transmutation beyond the boundaries of life and death.
An inquiry into acclimatisation, precarity, anthropocentric ethics, dominion, and the loss of agency through the visceral and abject  performative human/nonhuman body and the subtleties of violence within. As the visual presentation of the row of cuboid water tanks recalls the structural compartmentalisation of the train and of the society, the gesture of moving the jellyfish that is ongoing and repeated in aquariums, domestic spaces, the institutional spaces of museums, etc. features a certain form of transgression against the compartmentalisation, and yet the act of making this transgression is with precarity and life at stake.