42°03'28.9"N̶͉̗͚̍̀͗̀͝͝ 138°̵̘͗͋͂͛̅͒̌ͅ12'25.0"Ë̴̠̣͚̥̙̣͙́̽͋̑̈̎̌͊ 


42°03'28.9"N 138°12'25.0"E, installation view at Ground Zero, Co-Program, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, JP, 2023
Nov 2023

Multimedia Installation, dimensions variable 

Icicle, locally sourced water, field recordings at Fukushima nuclear disaster site, Raspberry Pi, temperature and humidity sensor, 3.5-inch liquid crystal display, hydrophone, condenser microphone, speakers, tin, zinc, antimony, sealed bags, single-channel video (looped), lab scissor stand, stainless steel sterile stray
Installation Documentation Photography by the artist, Yukasa Narisada and Takuya Matsumi​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
𝟰𝟮°𝟬𝟯'𝟮𝟴.𝟵"𝗡 𝟭𝟯𝟴°𝟭𝟮'𝟮𝟱.𝟬"𝗘 is a site specific sonic sculptural installation taking form at the nexus between two adjacent architectural spaces. Involving the transformation of the material cycle of water, its instrumentation and ‘weaponisation’, the work is developed from the ongoing research on artefacts and their residual effects as hyperobjects, cryopreservation, freezing as an archival and empirical method through examining the incidents involving water at Fukushima Daiichi and other locations, and their effects echoed in their temporal latencies. 
Reflecting upon how the events on drastically different scales are spatiotemporally connected through the medium of water and the technological process of cryofreezing, the installation is triggered by the presence of people navigating the liminal corridor space between the two galleries, alternating between field recordings at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, freezing, and the real-time generated sound from temperature transducers attached to the ice sculptural parts produced from the transformation cycle of water, coalescing in an open-ended sonic assemblage. 
Performative processes of cryofreezing are referenced in the manifestation and manufacturing of tools and ‘weapons’ made of ice through the medium of water, revealing and examining its registers of harm and synergy inscribed upon bodies, while spotlighting water as the universal solvent on both material and symbolic levels. Traversing the interspace between life and death, biotechnological processes, cryopolitics, and abjection, the installation explores the process to rebuild from the ground zero of catastrophe, manifesting a liminal memorial site, a sonic void outside human time. 
More info on the work and research is on the KAC website.
133° 79.515 N
012° 90.797 E

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